Insecure Writer's Support Group: I thought about writing!

My father-in-law passed last month from cancer so my writing came to a screeching halt. But earlier this week I had a thought.

Maybe I'll get to write.

I've never been so excited about a thought. I don't know how much writing I'll get in. There are still plenty of things to get sorted with my father-in-law's belongings. But it's nice to know that things are calming and I'm getting closer to writing again.

Now, I just need to remember how to do it!

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Today's post was part of the Insecure Writer's Support Group. Created by the ninja captain, Alex J. Cavanaugh, it's a group for the writers (AKA all of us) struggling with insecurity to gather and discuss our fears or to celebrate writing victors. If you are a struggling writer or need encouragement and friendship, join us. (Someone might have cookies!)
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I'm sorry to hear of your family's loss, Patricia. Please take care of yourself and try to take everything - including the writing - one step at a time. The last thing you need now is more pressure.
Very sorry about your father-in-law. Happy to hear you are excited about a new idea.
Loni Townsend said…
So sorry for your loss. Dang. Just can't catch a break lately, can you? Still, it's awesome that you might get to do some writing! I hope the ideas flow freely and flood you with inspiration!
Liz A. said…
I'm so sorry to hear about your loss. Sometimes life steps in and won't let you write. It happens. Just think about all the writing fodder you're getting through this terrible time. The experiences will be there for you when you again have the time and energy to write.
emaginette said…
I'm sorry for your loss and am glad you've found your way back to writing. There can be healing in getting your thoughts down. Take care.

Anna from elements of emaginette
I'm sorry for your loss. I know it's not something you just rush through, but I hope your grief eases enough to write again and to heal from the loss. Excitement about writing is good. And look - you wrote here. :)
Very sorry for your loss once again. But I'm glad you had a spark of the writing inspiration. It's always nice to feel the urge to do it, to want to do it, instead of being pulled by obligation. Writing can also be very helpful to work through grief, as I suspect you already know.
Samantha Bryant said…
I'm glad you're being patient with yourself and the other demands on your time during this difficult moment. May his memory be a blessing.
So sorry for your loss.
I writing like riding a bike? :)
Kate said…
So sorry to hear about your loss. There is so much to do after someone passes it's hard to find time for anything, let alone writing.
Diane Burton said…
So sorry for your loss. Give yourself time to grieve. Happy to hear you're excited about an idea.
Nick Wilford said…
Sorry about your loss. Writing can be therapeutic. If it's what you want to do, then do it.
chickangell said…
*Hugs* I hope you get to get back to writing soon. It is very cathartic. I also hope you're able to get through all the stuff so you can process your feelings. It really sucks that we're expected to do so much during a crisis that we aren't given time to feel what we need to feel.